New Beginnings are often disgused as painful endings.

Happy 2017 from me here!! Its been long since I posted I've just been busy with my education. It's a new year and New beginnings are the key for survival. Creating new beginnings demands not just the wisdom, but also the ability to create room for error. I’m not advocating for mediocrity or room for failure, but the wise allowance of the fact that things may not always turn out the way we expected. Never repeat the mistakes that have brought you where you are. Remember God is in control but you are in charge! Budget for the mistakes next time; life is never perfect. If you are expecting a problem free life, that’s both unrealistic and deceiving. Expect and anticipate shortfalls and deficits and plan for them in advance.
When challenges are expected and adequately prepared for, they lose the potency of their damage. People let you down and unexpected disappointments may cripple you down but you should not allow a bend in the road become the end of the road.
Forget all the gun fires and the bombs and moments that you almost took off and focus on how to make the best out of this opportunity. The road may seem impassable but the destination must remain the same. Don't wait but start now!!☺☺

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